Ryder Cup 2020

Housing Shortage for Ryder Cup Enthusiasts in 2020
Thousands of golf enthusiasts will transcend on the Sheboygan area in the Fall of 2020. Whistling Straits will host the event which is comprised of teams from the US competing against teams from Europe. The best golfers in the world will be on hand for this biennial event. Whistling Straits has hosted PGA events in the past, but this is the first time it has hosted the Ryder Cup. The Ryder Cup is one of the biggest golf championships in the world.
With golf enthusiasts from around the US and the World transcending on Sheboygan in September of 2020, accommodations for this event have been filling up fast including hotels as far south as Milwaukee and as far north as Green Bay. Because hotels have been filling fast already, many owners have decided to rent their homes for the week of the Ryder Cup with the potential of making as much as $2000 per night.
Because of the demand for accommodations already, North Shore Property Management (NSPM) of Sheboygan is offering a “Ryder Cup Rental Package” for all residents of Sheboygan County. This proprietary rental program has been developed to serve as your one-stop leasing professional for your property.
A professional management company, North Shore Property Management’s rental program boasts access to professional leasing agents which will guide you through the whole process of renting out your home during the Ryder Cup. In addition, NSPM also is offering a professional, no obligation, complementary analysis of your property. This analysis will include a market survey of your property, and a professional consultant will detail your rental management program. In the complimentary consultation you will be shown how our NSPM’s software markets your property internationally to maximize your exposure. NSPM will also provide you an individual sign-in portal which will allow you to track the progress throughout the rental process. In addition, NSPM will collect all taxes as required by the State of Wisconsin. North Shore Property Management is registered with the State for conducting business.
In addition, North Shore Property Management has implemented a “comprehensive property risk management” program with each rental as well as collects a deposit on each rental for the week of the Ryder Cup. This will give you peace of mind that your home is covered throughout the whole period of the rental. Each rental will receive “NORTH SHORE PROPERTY COMPREHENSIVE LIABILITY PACKAGE” of up to $1 million at no cost to you.
For more information, please contact a professional leasing consultant at 920-395-4684.

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